Top 10 Veneers of 2020

Top 10 Veneers of 2020

As we near the end of another year (and what a crazy year it has been?!), we thought it would be interesting to look back over the last 12 months to see which veneers have been the most popular during 2020! Using our records of the most frequently requested veneer samples from our website, we have compiled this Top 10 list to highlight which veneers will be on trend as we enter 2021. Check out this years’ chart below in reverse order:


FSC® Crown Cut Limed Smoked Oak

Crown Cut Limed Smoked Oak appears at 10 in our chart in 2020, showcasing how the smoking process highlights grain and darkens a veneer.


FSC® Crown Cut Ash

Climbing one place from last year’s chart, Crown Cut Ash is our first straw coloured veneer on the list, appearing at 9!


FSC® Straight Grain Tineo

A new entry onto the chart this year, Straight Grain Tineo Bookmatched is one of the more characterful and bold veneers on the 2020 list.


FSC® Crown Cut Larch

Another new entry on the 2020 chart in 7th place, Crown Cut Larch features frequent dark brown knots giving it a strong grain pattern.


FSC® Crown Cut Plain Maple

Entering the chart in 6th place, Crown Cut Plain Maple is a light veneer with subtle grain characteristics.


FSC® Straight Grain American Black Walnut

Our highest new entry on the 2020 chart, Straight Grain American Black Walnut Slipmatched makes a stunning return, claiming 5th spot on the list.


FSC® Crown Cut European Oak

A slightly darker alternative to American White Oak, Crown Cut European Oak finishes right behind its American cousin for the 2nd year in a row!


FSC® Crown Cut American White Oak

Last year’s chart topper, Crown Cut American White Oak falls 2 places to 3rd in our 2020 chart, ending it’s reign as Champion Veneer!


FSC® Crown Cut Smoked Oak

Reflecting a recent resurgence in smoked veneers, Crown Cut Smoked Oak is the chart’s highest climber, rising 5 places to be our runner up in 2020.

FSC® Crown Cut Smoked Oak

FSC® Crown Cut American Black Walnut

Always one of the most popular veneers, Crown Cut American Black Walnut veneer takes the top spot and is crowned our most popular veneer of 2020!!!

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